Lifting sales to the next level in one of the leading intralogistics companies

At Salesforce I participated working with a global intralogistics solution provider for several months.

Our task was to analyze the current sales processes and to take them to the next level from a UX perspective for everyone involved, including the customer. In addition to numerous interviews, field studies were also carried out at various locations. The focus was on validating our findings with the users.

The final TO-BE journey for the prioritized main process also experienced several iterations with the users in order to achieve the maximum quality of the proposed concept. To support the communication of the new sales process, we also visualized the entire journey in the form of a storyboard, which we also provided and set to music in an animated version at the end. Between us – the outtakes are awesome :-p


Workshops, User research, Synthesis, AS-IS/TO-BE Journeys, Storyboarding, User-Tests, Roadmap

Customer Satisfaction: