Bloodmoon 2018

What an exciting evening. As soon as we returned from vacation, there was another special event on the plan: On July 27, 2018, a wonderful lunar eclipse took place. I decided to drive to the Glienicke Bridge between Berlin and Potsdam because I had hoped for a clear view and possibly reflections on the water there.

There were really many people out there and a lot was going on in the sky as well. Unfortunately, it was still relatively bight when the pale red moon appeared on the horizon. But hey… it was an invitation to experiment with the camera 😉

A couple of nice photos were taken, but it got finally really great for me when I got into the car and went to the Lilienthal memorial. This stands on a small hill and kindly a few onlookers had made themselves comfortable up there. A great motif, especially because the moon has now stepped out of the umbra of the earth and shone much brighter than before 🙂

Der Ort des Geschehens