Beverage Sales App

A global beverage corporation called for a pitch and requested Salesforce’s expertise in creating a new sales app for its sales consultants for mobile devices.

In a period of one week, a concept was created that used automation and the smart linking of data – strengths from Salesforce – and, as a native app, should also meet requirements for usability and user experience.

From previous experiences with this and similar customers, we knew about the industry-specific requirements and were therefore able to work directly on the details and, in addition to the application via several paper prototypes, wireframes and pixel-perfect screen designs, also develop a brand suitable for the pitch scenario.

In the end, RedOne was not awarded the contract but landed in second place – an achievement with which we could be satisfied considering the short time (even if we would of course have liked to win the project).


Pitch-Support, Competitive research, Sketching&Wireframing, UI-Design, Presentation