AIDA Guest portal

At markveys, our customer AIDA Crusies presented us with the exciting challenge of designing the entire on-board portal. From stationary terminals to mobile devices passengers brought with them, laptops and TVs installed in the cabins – everything had to feel the same and offer the same functionality. At the same time, barrier-free access had to be guaranteed.

Based on the AIDA Corporate Design and our experience and concepts with the AIDA mobile apps, a tile-based design system was created that we could scale across the various devices. For terminals, an additional handicapped accessible mode has been devised, which can also be used from e.g. a wheelchair.
In addition, numerous special functions were created (such as a ship-wide alarm mode that showed the fastest way to the rescue facilities from the respective position) and a uniform navigation concept that was able to prove itself in touch, mouse and even in TV remote control mode.

mark veys

Concept, Wireframes, Prototyping, User-Testing, Screendesign

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