3ds max 6.x – The bhv Pocketbook

After the success of my first book, bhv publishing asked me whether I would be willing to work out an updated version of the newly published program version of 3ds max.
The new book should not be a copy of the previous work, but should even surpass it. While writing the first, I had some ideas that I could not implement there due to lack of time – now my chance had come and with Ali Khatoun Abadi there was also great support for the 3d assets to be created. While most software companion books stoically describe one function at a time, I wanted to take a different route. It was important to me that the reader had fun on the one hand and really learned something on the other. For this reason, I decided on a learning-by-doing concept that should accompany the reader from the modeling of individual objects to the animation of a whole film.

In this way, an extensive workbook was created which – in addition to the naturally required basics – also contains the creation of a cross-chapter underwater animation. The video titled “Deepsea” can be found further down on this page, as well as a few insights and still images that were created as part of this exciting project. When writing the second work, it was no longer necessary to go through the last few nights before submitting it … All in all, a great success and still a great feeling today. Maybe I should start writing such books again 😉

I ordered this book a good 3 weeks ago and was absolutely thrilled. I myself had almost no idea about 3ds Max 6 and am already starting to make my own films!
Not all things and areas of 3ds Max 6 are explained, but when you are finished with the book, in my opinion you can call yourself an advanced user.
Even if you haven’t understood what is meant in the book, you can still go back to the films, in which the author explains everything step by step!
P.S.:The workshops are also great.
My conclusion: Buy and learn to use 3ds Max 6 ^^

Patrick Bauer

bhv publishing

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4/5 stars