Hello I’m

Werner Held

Experience Architect (UX/UI) · Servant leader · 3d artist · Photographer · Author · Hiker · Nature lover · Trekkie · Soundtrack addict · Husband · Dad · but apart from that, quite healthy 😉

“Things are only impossible until they’re not”

– Jean-Luc Picard

I am a passionate digital designer and user advocate with more than twenty years of experience based in Berlin. I know when it is time to lead, to manage and to follow and I am characterized by a positive attitude, emotional intelligence, and my ability to motivate others.

I feel most comfortable working with diverse and multicultural teams, but I am also effective and efficient on my own.

With the human-centered approach, I manage to make problems tangible, to solve them, to create real sustainable values in a range that extends from the individual app to large enterprise implementation and I facilitate this process through workshops and presentations effectively across the board. I make sure that user “insights” are becoming part of the business strategy and implement them hands-on together with cross-functional teams.

What others say

Werner is a a powerful design thinker and leader who is passionate about leveraging a human-centered approach to helping businesses use technology to drive powerful transformation. On top of that — he’s one of the most empathetic, authentic, and engaged people-managers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

AJ Kiefer
Vice President, Transformation Services International at Salesforce

I have been working with Werner now for over 10 years and what always sticks out for me is his curiosity and his ability to challenge the status quo. Werner is a great leader who always has the best interest in mind for his team and basically everyone he works with. He is a very experienced UX & UI Designer and always puts the customer first and explores every angle to ensure customer centricity and success. Besides that, he always brings his authentic self to work and is passionate about taking his part in having a positive impact on our environment. Thank you for being such a thoughtful leader and friend.

Lina Liebegall-Lindner
Senior Manager, Global PMO at Salesforce

Werner joined the Experience Design group via an acquisition and quickly emerged as the natural lead of his colleagues from the acquisition. Werner is a solid UX craftsperson. Strong and skilled, with a good understanding of technical possibilities. Werner’s calm and collected nature makes him a great people manager and his team trusts him to safeguard them and put their interests first. In a sense, Werner’s skills, experience and manners make him an equal part designer leader and lead designer.

Robert Fransgaard
Experience Design Director, EMEA Group at Salesforce


Soft skills

Empathic, creative, active listener, open minded, selfless, autodidact, team player, great collaborator, good communicator, pragmatic, workshop facilitation, stakeholder management, adaptable, authentic, humorous.

Servant Leadership

Strong in authoritative, democratic and affiliative leadership styles, encouraging diversity of thought, creating a culture of trust, unselfish mindset, fostering leadership in others


User research & synthesis, user & usability testing, UX benchmarking, heuristic evaluation, competitive & comparative analysis, user interviews, field studies, surveys, analytics


Personas, user- & customer journeys, wireframing, rapid prototyping, high-/low-fidelity prototyping, storyboarding, lean UX (learning), visual design, branding, logo design, style guides, illustration, user interface design, storyboarding, 3d design, animation, video cut/compositing, typography, interaction design, iconography, imagery, print design


HTML, CSS, WordPress


Sketch, Omnigraffle, LucidChart, Balsamiq, InVision, Affinity Suite, Adobe CC Suite, 3ds max,
Hitfilm, MS (Office) Suite, Google Suite

In September 2020 I performed a survey to collect feedback about myself with a total of 23 participants replying. The prioritization of the above skills was influenced by that, but there is more I’d like to share with you below.

Survey context

Knew me more than 3 years


Are colleagues


Knew the correct answer is Star Trek 😉


Would like to (continue) work with me


People named as most positive qualities

  • Empathic
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Authentic/honest
  • Humorous

Additional quotes

Werner is a Senior Manager with excellent design competency who continuously enables his team to excel in their expertise area. His mission is to advance Human-Centered Design Thinking guided by his value-driven approach to innovation.

Anonymous participant

If Werner is around you can be sure that he will find the best possible way to gain customer adoption with great UX.

Anonymous participant

Werner is a creative mastermind, able to listen, watch and understand carefully in order to come up with best possible advice how to improve human interaction.

Anonymous participant

A great and experienced colleague who can drive customers in the right direction with empathy and great experience who is always looking for solutions, not problems.

Anonymous participant

Selection of works

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